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Klezamir | July 27, 2021


Klezamir | July 27, 2021

Klezmer music has been part of the fabric of the jewish music experience for centuries. Beginning as the music that accompanied Jewish weddings throughout Europe, it has undergone a wonderful revival here in the U.S.  Come enjoy  the rhythms, unusual instrumentation and vocals  by one of the leading bands promoting this breathtaking music.  A true “world  music” experience that may make you get up and dance!

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Announcement:  Please do not try to order tickets using Brown Paper Tickets after midnight 24 hours before any of our shows.  Their site says tickets are unavailable, which simply means you cannot buy them on-line at that time NOT that there are no more tickets.  Accordingly, please try to order your tickets for our shows well before the 24 hour deadline.  We appreciate your understanding.

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